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Nov 13, 2012 4:00am PST
line on concerns about the so- called fiscal cliff. some economists believe the economy could gain strength if lawmakers can reach a deal sooner rather than later. bloomberg news reports google is being pressured by the ftc to resovle anti-trust issues or face a lawsuit in the next few days. google is accused of abusing its dominance in the internet world. and wednesday is the next lock- up expiration on facebook, allowing employees to sell their shares of fb. good morning to larry shover of sfg alternatives. good to have you on the show larry. there seems to be a shift in the market. everybody is so fixated on this fiscal cliff. is the market going to be rather lackluster for a couple of days here because of that? > > i think it is. i think people are really concerned about something they should be concerned with. but the fact is, something will break. they will reach some sort of compromise. it might not be something that everybody likes, but i think the market will end up liking it, because there will be stability, there will be a compromise, at least by the end of the year. > >
Nov 8, 2012 4:00am PST
that big-cap growth, those all-american names. remember, we're in an economy where we don't have rapidly rising revenues across the board. we have sort of slow, steady growth. we have those phenomenon kind of stocks like apple. so, i like technology. that's sweeping up a lot of stocks. for instance, qualcomm, one of the biggest leaders, provides all the chip sets for these smart phones. but i also like a stock like starbucks and ralph lauren. different spectrums, but very profitable companies. so the theme for me is concentration. stick with the winners, stick with large-cap u.s. growth. > > go with america is your theme. > > absolutely, because i think the world is really going to be watching these election results, and what typically happens is americans get behind each other together and move forward, and i think we're going to get to a really strong finish for the year. > > that's a very positive thought. i think i'll leave you right there. that's matt shapiro, president of mws capital. thank you matt. some women tend to be more charitable than men. an indiana university report on ph
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am PST
economies. groupon shares fell 13% after the close on earnings news. revenues were up, but the coupon company had a net lost of nearly 3 million dollars. profits were up at disney thanks to espn and growth at theme parks. and priceline is set to buy online travel company kayak for $40 per share. how low will this market go? ben lichtenstein of joins us. good morning to you. happy friday. but is this a buying opportunity here? > > i don't think so. i think basically if you try and step up right now, you're kind of trying to play "catch the knife" if you will. there has been a lot of energy to the downside. it started wednesday. we saw a continuation of that yesterday. basically closed 'em out on the lows. everything across the board literally looks weak right now. the one thing that's been just kind of crazy and doesn't really fit in with all of this is that the dollar has been sideways, right around 81 even, and that the volatility index is still holding right around this 18, 19 level. everybody's talking about it. nobody knows why. but again, certainly worth taking n
Nov 12, 2012 4:00am PST
that allowing tax cuts for the wealthy to expire at the end of the year would be harmful to the economy. "the congressional budget office released a report that the most harmful consequences of the fiscal cliff come from increasing tax rates, and according to ernst and young, raising the top rates would destroy nearly 700,000 jobs in our country." the fiscal cliff is the result of the unresolved debt ceiling debate a year-and-a-half ago: $110 billion in spending cuts - half of it defense-related. it's also a list of tax breaks about to expire that includes: the bush tax cuts, the alternative minimum tax, reduced payroll tax, and the federal unemployment benefit extension. some believe that negotiations come so soon after the election that it may put pressure on republicans to compromise. "it's going to be a disaster if it doesn't get done, and the blame will be on them. they have to compromise - something they didn't do in the last session." when pressed for details as to what ground republicans could give in negotiations, house speaker boehner declined, saying he didn't want to be "boxed in.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4